Divercity Dance

Case Study

About the Project

Divercity Dance is a local dance group that started up towards the end of 2020. This dance group needed not only a website, but also a fitting brand and logo that reflects what they are trying to convey. We worked closely with Nadine to re-create her vision for this online portfolio - more updates will come in 2021 on the website as they are only just getting started!

What we did

Branding & Logo Design
Website Development

Who it's for

Divercity Dance

Launch Date

12 / 29 / 2020

A Cross - Device Solution

Responsive Design

Responsive Device Views


Used font(s)

Started by Hannes von Döhren as a young graphic designer with a passion for letters, HvD evolved to an established type foundry working together with clients, agencies and experts. Using the act of creation itself, as our driving force, we have produced

a balanced array of playful and professional typefaces, always underpinned by expert execution, including FF Mark, Pluto, Reklame Script or Brandon Grotesque. One principle of HvD is that we want to deliver fonts of the highest quality level: optically AND technically.