CalWest Rentals

Case Study

About the Project

Cal-West’s old website was 8 years old and the overall design and layout showed that. The website had issues with speed, was not consistent in formatting, had a poor user experience, and was not easy to update by the client. Additionally, Cal-West was struggling to get a high ranking for their new San Rafael location. Cal-West needed a website that showcased their long-standing history as a personal and trustworthy company for over 50 decades. They also needed a way to properly showcase the quality of their considerably large rental inventory, a way to easily maintain that catalog, and a way to give visitors the ability to request a rental quote. Finally, Cal-West wanted a simple and streamlined way for their current clients to see their active and closed invoices and make payments online.

What we did

Custom Quote-Cart
Website Redesign

Who it's for

CalWest Rentals

Launch Date

02 / 25 / 2020

A Cross - Device Solution

Responsive Design

Responsive Device Views


Used font(s)

Playfair is a transitional design. In the European Enlightenment in the late 18th century, broad nib quills were replaced by pointed steel pens as the popular writing tool of the day. Together with developments in printing technology, ink, and paper making, it became to print letterforms of high contrast and delicate hairlines that were increasingly detached from the written letterforms. Exo 2 is a complete redrawing

of Exo, a contemporary geometric sans serif typeface that tries to convey a technological/futuristic feeling while keeping an elegant design. Exo is a very versatile font, so it has 9 weights (the maximum on the web) and each with a true italic version. Exo 2 has a more organic look that will perform much better at small text sizes and in long texts.