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Are you looking for a web site that is out of the ordinary?

We custom design all of our websites in-house!

Custom website design is not limited only to the website which we create for you. We also offer logo creation packages, business cards, and any other branding items which would help with the look and feel of the web site.

We believe in offering full marketing packages to ensure your success online and offline. Websites are not isolated to “the web”, they’re part of everyday business and become more so every day. Don’t get left behind! Contact us today to discuss your web design project.

At Creative Focus Web Design we create web sites that go outside the box and stand out from the regular standard web sites.

Every web site is much like any project – one must start with a general scope/vision. Sometimes if this scope or vision is not clear, we will work and walk our clients through a design process of determining just exactly what these needs are.

Our portfolio

Our portfolio items include the following: logo packages, websites, branding showcases, user interface design, info graphics, poster designs…etc. All of these items are custom designs done by Creative Focus Web Design in Penticton. You can browse through our portfolio items by hovering on the images below and clicking the arrow link.

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